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My coaching approach embraces the following core tenets:

  • Coaching is about leading from behind and asking thoughtful questions geared to increasing the client’s capacity for showing up more authentically in life.
  • The coach creates a safe, non-judgmental environment in which the client can work through challenges and pursue stretch goals.
  • Through attentive listening, discovery questioning, and appropriate challenging, the coach can guide the client to new awareness about his/her situation, enabling the client to take intentional actions toward a desired outcome.
  • Coaching is future-directed. Coaching honors history and leverages experience, while focusing on the future the client wants to create.
  • Effective coaching relies on the client's commitment and willingness to take actions that are in line with her/his stated values and vision.

Questions that clients address in coaching include:

  1. What is my next chapter? What makes my growth and development important now?
  2. How do I show up more of a leader?
  3. How do I manage as a more empathetic boss and better listener?
  4. What is getting in my way?
  5. What are my limiting beliefs?
  6. How can I better leverage my core strengths?  
  7. How will I sustain and build on my progress?

Results from coaching should be sustainable results such as: 

  1. A reinvigorated sense of purpose
  2. A compelling vision that inspires action
  3. Increased confidence and resulting ability to inspire and influence others
  4. Improved alignment and synergy with your business
  5. Increased creativity and innovation
  6. Improved traction towards long term goals
  7. Enhanced work/life balance and company culture