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Anne has a unique ability to help senior managers develop a higher level of self-awareness in the workplace, which results in better leadership, stronger teams, and greater productivity. Her disciplined approach to executive coaching is highly effective and a valuable resource for any organization.
— Ginny Merrifield, Executive Director, Gary and Mary West Foundation

Right away, I felt a connection to this incredibly talented, caring and passionate coach. I experienced Anne’s coaching in small group sessions and also in one-on-one conversations. Each time, her ability to meet the client where she/he was, while engaging the client in building a desired future was clearly present. Anne is also willing to push back and challenge client paradigms so that new knowledge can be explored. Anne has “deep pockets” - she has extensive experience in a variety of industries and the ability to make synergistic connections at an individual level and on an organizational scale. My observation of Anne is that she is comfortable working with executive-level leaders as well as leadership teams representing a wide cross-section of functions.
— Mickey Wallis, Professional Development Manager at Akerman LLP

Anne was my mentor from the first moment I decided I wanted to start my own engineering program at UC San Diego - 3 years ago. Anne took the time to listen to my personal interest , assess my needs, and paved pathways to ensure the program’s and my success. She never imposed her own agenda/personal beliefs/etc on me instead framed and grew my own passions into something bigger. Essentially, it feels like she believes in you more than you did yourself and she guides you to start achieving your goals, building confidence , and dreaming bigger!

Where am I now? My program is big enough to start hiring people, I’m on a national network TV show, and I have only just begun riding the wave of success. Thanks ANNE!!!
— Saura Naderi, Career Development Specialist at Qualcomm

The capacity to lead while investing in the professional and personal development of an employee is a balancing act few managers perfect; Anne O’Donnell is one of the few who have this down to an art. I had the pleasure of working with Anne at UC San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering as her Program Manager where I experienced meaningful strides as a direct result of her coaching and leadership. Her holistic approach never ceased to amaze and inspire the best in her staff, myself included. As a leader and a coach, Anne is one of the best and she earns my highest recommendation.
— Luciana Xavier Gibson, Experienced Program Manager

Coach – cheerleader – mentor … all synonymous with Anne. I have benefitted from her guidance throughout the years. She is a person who will not solve your problem but will help you create a direction. She has a passion to lead and to move people forward so that they recognize their potential for growth and development. Anne is a true class act who is always seeking quality and excellence. It’s wonderful knowing she is always an email or phone call away.
— Chandra Ewell, CMP, Manage the Moment Meeting & Event Consultant